Lingalaks AS is a fish farming company with production sites in Kvam, Kvinnherad and Radøy municipalities. In these areas nature provides us with the ultimate conditions for our fish: Good temperatures, clean, clear water and strong currents.

Through generations our founders and employees have gained invaluable experience and unique knowledge of the local environment and climate.

This basis of knowledge and experience provides us with the ability to keep our farms on a very high level of sustainability and environment-friendliness.

The company has a total of nine farming-licenses. Our administration and main processing facilities are located in the Hardanger Fjord.

Our company’s core values are honesty, forward-mindedness and cooperation.

People and history

People and history

Lingalaks AS is a local, family owned company, located in Strandebarm, Hardanger.

In 1978, Rolv and Åsta Haugarvoll embarked on the Lingalaks-journey with 5000 salmon and homemade farming-facilities.

In-house processing was established in 1980, and in 1987 the opening of a new industrial building was celebrated, marking the beginning of a new adventure.

Today the company produces about 2,5 million salmon a year and provide work for almost 40 people.

We make it our first priority to keep customers, employers, owners and the local society satisfied with what we do.

Åsta and Rolv’s firstborn son, Erlend, has been the manager of the company since 2009.

The fish

Our Atlantic Salmon is Norwegian fish of high quality, produced under ideal natural conditions in Hardanger Fjord and Hordaland county through local knowledge and experience.

These areas offer clean and clear water, excellent conditions for the fish, and to top it all off; a spectacular scenery!

In Lingalaks we emphasize good and healthy fishcare, the right feed and feeding to ensure top quality. In short: These healthy, well reared domestic animals growing up in the surroundings of the West Coast of Norway offer you an exclusive food experience!

The fish


Our vision is to supply the world market with Norwegian salmon of superior quality, through a production process benefiting customers, employees, owners and the local society.

Our total production is about 11,000 tons a year, and we export to customers all over the world.

Map of exports
Salmon filet