Sustainable aquaculture

We are committed to develop aquaculture as a sustainable industry in Hardanger, in harmony with nature and local communities. Therefore, we work to reduce emissions, prevent escapes and lice, as well as feed our salmon with nutritious and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Healthy fish

The fresh water from the fjord, mountains and glaciers ensures that the fish live in a healthy environment. We maintain high fish welfare and low mortality rates without the use of antibiotics. In our fight against lice, we use cleaner fish and optiLice, both of which are free of chemicals.

Environmental impact

In order to reduce our CO2 emissions, we are electrifying our plants. The chemical consumption is reduced by using copper-free nets, and we work to reduce sludge.

People and history

Sustainable feed

We are constantly looking for new ways of making aquaculture more sustainable. Therefore, we apply future-oriented solutions. We are pioneering in feeding our salmon with omega-3 marine algal oil from Veramaris. The feed is provided by feed manufacturer Skretting. The algal oil contains both of the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA and is free from sea-born contaminants. This increases food safety and ensures more robust salmon without compromising the environment.


Lingalaks participates in forums for environmental cooperation to secure a safe and sustainable aquaculture together with Aquaculture industry fund for removing escapes, environment surveillance Hordaland (MOH) and Salmon tracking – Environmental monitoring of wild salmon stocks in Hardanger. Lingalaks is a member of Salmon group, which has a report about sustainable aquaculture.

Salmon filet